● Volocopter

Vertical take off with new brand framework

● Deliverables
– Branding
– Web Development
– Product Shaping & Livery Design
– CD, Stationary
– Recruitment Campaign
– 3D Production  
– Image & Film & Photo Style
Volocopter GmbH is a developer of vertical take-off, all-electric multicopters for passenger transport. We were commissioned to develop a new digital experience, define the brand image and strengthen the brand perception.
● Stationary
● Details
From the business stationery, 3D modelling and preparation, the Volocopter's livery, the new website to the image concept, image production and campaigns – we established overarching brand standards. The aviation sector served as inspiration for the visual brand construction kit - in detail, TFO borrowed from the design language within a classic aircraft cockpit. Graphic elements of displays such as the altimeter or the speed indicator can be found in the Volocopter brand design and are used for content orientation and to reinforce the brand statement.
● Website
● 3d Production
Final 3D Image
Image build up
● OOH Campaign
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