Better Bell

Generative Identity system
for an IOT gamechanger

• We put our clients’ needs at the heart of what we do. We work collaboratively, at the studio and together with our clients. While we might be experts in our field of design, our clients know their businesses best.
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We live in a time of digitalization, connectivity, platforms and mobility. We want our environment to be as flexible as we are. This is exactly the challenge the real estate world is facing. Because in this highly conservative industry, the need for innovation & digitalization is growing. Better Bell makes the digitalization of buildings possible now and in the future.
Better Bell Campaign
We want to move away from classically conceived measures towards an appearance that develops from the brand DNA. We tell the story on the different levels of the brand stream. In this way, we create the transformation of the building away from the object to the subject. Inspired by buildings, by their stories and the stories that can be told in these ecosystems, we have created a contemporary, minimalist visual brand.
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